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How would it feel to...?

  • Eat the foods you love and still be able to achieve your fat loss goals

  • Start to feel your belly fat shrinking and your abs looking more defined

  • Feel stronger, energetic, and more confident in your body as you move through your day

What's Included

Here's what you get in this 6-Month Coaching Program:

  • Initial PRIVATE 45min Video Call With Ivana to discuss her personal nutrition and fitness recommendations FOR YOU

  • 1 Additional PRIVATE 45min Video Call With Ivana to be scheduled during the 6-MONTH Coaching Program

  • 3 Group Coaching 45min LIVE Video Calls with Ivana where you'll learn about a specific topic (carbs, protein, belly fat, eating out, progressive resistance training, etc.). You'll have the opportunity to ask Ivana questions. If you can't attend LIVE, the call will be recorded and added to the resource library.

BONUS MATERIAL For Your Fat Loss Journey!

Learn How To Make Your Results Stick

  • Curriculum

    Lifetime Access To ON TRACK - Ivana's online course and comprehensive resource library - that will guide you through the fat loss process.

  • Support

    6 Months Access to the Private Slack Group, where you can reach Ivana through video/chat. You'll also be able to get ideas and share your struggles with the group for ongoing support.

  • Step-By-Step

    12 weeks of educational emails to lay down the foundation of Ivana's fat loss system. You'll get tips for fat loss in easy-to-digest weekly chunks.

Get leaner and feel stronger, no matter what your age

It's NOT Too Late, but you need to change the way you think about nutrition and fat loss

You want to make a change, but you're not sure how to do it. There are so many mixed messages out there and it feels complicated and unachievable. You CAN eat the foods you love and achieve your fat loss goals. But you have to learn to eat differently. Appreciate your food, but NOT depend on it for all your satisfaction in life.


Everything You Need To Succeed


    You'll be guided to follow a sensible evidence-based nutrition program. You don't have to give up your favourite foods and you should never feel deprived.


    Although 90% of your result will come from nutrition/lifestyle, there are 2 BONUS WORKOUTS included. You'll learn how to safely progress your own resistance training program to keep getting results over time.


    This IS NOT about achieving a short term transformation and then losing all your progress. You'll be guided by Ivana and supported by the group for 6 MONTHS to make sure your changes stick.

Your Coach

Ivana Chapman

Ivana Chapman BSc BA CSCS is an online fitness & nutrition coach with over 20 years experience in the fitness industry. She is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and has certifications in sports nutrition and sports therapy. She is a mom, YouTuber, writer, published fitness model, 3rd Dan black belt in Shotokan Karate, former World Cup Karate Champion, one-time marathoner, and was a CBBF National level Natural Bikini competitor. Ivana loves weight training, chocolate, martial arts, downhill skiing, rollerblading, mountain biking, ice cream, travelling, and she has recently taken up longboarding. She loves trying new things, is a certified SCUBA diver, and once spent a few months surfing in Australia.

⬅️ Client Testimonials ➡️

about Ivana's approach

"I was able to improve my habits"


"I found the program to be useful in slowly introducing changes and making adjustments more manageable. I was able to improve my habits, but also to make me more aware and mindful of the things I was eating, or how things such as stress affected my ability to follow the program. The workouts were easy to follow, especially with the picture guide for each exercise. The check-ins served as a good gauge on my progress. I found the check-ins with the group kept me accountable."

"It changes the way you think about nutrition and exercise"

Lara A.

"The great thing about this program is that it changes the way you think about nutrition and exercise allowing you to make lifestyle changes. If you are busy individual, need support but work well independently and are serious about making lifestyle changes, then this is the program for you!"

"Not struggling to maintain a 'diet'"

Mike Wojcikiewicz

"Turning 40 made me want to re-assess my lifestyle and how it impacts my health.  I came across Ivana's website. With her guidance and coaching, I was able to analyze my eating habits and exercise levels, realizing I had been doing both wrong for many years. Upping my protein intake and realizing that every little snack adds up to too many calories, it wasn't long before I got into a routine where I was exercising regularly and maintaining a calorie deficit. Six months later, with several vacations in-between, I am proud to say I've lost 30lbs and am well on my way to my ideal weight, while not struggling to maintain a "diet". 

"I learned how to eat without giving up all the good things I like."

Greg Fage

"I lost 25lbs since I began following Ivana’s program; but what is even more important for me than the weight loss is that I have been learning a new and proper way to eat and appreciate foods. Contrary to many programs, this is not what I would call a “diet”; this is a way to re-learn how to eat without giving up all the good things that I like. It is also fun to share with the members of the group."

"Having a coach who sees through trends is critical to success"

Stephen B. Meister

“When it comes to fitness and nutrition (like many other life endeavours), what's best is often counterintuitive. Which is why having a coach who sees through trends (of which there are many in both fitness and nutrition) and has the courage of her convictions is critical to success. "

"The nutrition changes are gradual and aimed at educating smarter life choices rather than being 'on a diet'""

James Brosnahan

"I think it's been great. Nutrition is always the big one. I like how the nutrition changes are gradual and aimed at educating smarter life choices rather than being on 'a diet' or a workout plan that usually aren't sustainable long term. "


Learn to manage your nutrition and exercise program for long term success. Make the changes to your lifestyle gradually. Ask Ivana specific questions to guide your fat loss journey.


  • Will I have direct access to Ivana?

    YES! There are 2 Private Live Coaching video calls with Ivana included in this coaching program. These are delivered through Google Meet.

  • Who is this coaching program for?

    If you've been frustrated with restrictive diets in the past and want to eat to achieve your goals, without giving up all the foods you love, then this is the course for you. The coaching program is primarily focussed on fat loss: maintaining/gaining muscle while reducing body fat. You'll gain more confidence in your body and feel confident about making food choices on your own. Some strength training experience is recommended, at least 2 years is preferable. This coaching program is NOT recommended as mass-building program for very advanced weightlifters/bodybuilders.

  • What type of nutrition plan is included?

    We start from what you're currently eating and work from there! There are no "template" meal plans or recipes (unless they are shared by other members of the group). You learn how to EAT and keep your meal planning simple. This is an evidence-based plan and there are two nutrition options: 1) Quantitative: tracking calories and macros 2) Qualitative: changing eating patterns Both methods are based on the scientific principle of CICO (calories in, calories out), however with Method 2 you don't actually count calories/macros. You simply focus on eating behaviours that allow you to naturally reduce your calories and adjust your macros for weight/fat loss.

  • What if I'm going on vacation in the next 6 months?

    We expect that you will! And out to dinner. And brunch. This program is about coaching you through the challenges of your daily life, NOT forcing you to eat a restrictive diet for a short period of time.

  • I already have a strength training program I like, can I just do that?

    Yes! Most of the online coaching is related to nutrition, where 90% of your result will come from. There are two complete programs included with the ON TRACK COURSE (warm-ups, weight training, mobility) to get you started for the first 3 months. But part of what you'll learn with coaching is how to modify your progressive resistance training program to keep getting muscle building results.

  • What if I just want to "tone up"?

    Getting "toned" comes from building some muscle and losing body fat. Muscles do not actually "tone". They either get stronger or weaker. When you lose body fat (through the combination of the nutrition plan and workouts), your body will look more toned.

  • Can I do the ON TRACK COURSE workouts at home?

    Yes! The workouts are designed to be simple enough to do at home and only require a small space. They also don't include any jumping so are suitable for apartments/condos. You will need to have at least 3 sets of dumbbells to start.

  • Can I do the coaching program if I have an injury?

    Yes! The coaching program is primarily nutrition-based, although you will get guidance on the type and amount of exercise to do for fat loss. If you're able to exercise, but have some limitations, please speak to your doctor and/or physical therapist to make modifications to the ON TRACK COURSE exercises.

  • What if I'm still not sure if coaching is right for me?

    If you still have questions or concerns, feel free to contact Ivana directly at [email protected].