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    A sensible evidence-based nutrition program, with two methods to choose from. This is NOT a fad diet or quick fix. We'll teach you how to eat to lose fat, and keep it off long-term. You don't have to give up your favourite foods and you should never feel deprived.


    Based on the principles of progressive resistance training, you'll build strength as you develop your muscles (and NO, you won't get bulky!). Attention is paid to warm-ups, full body movements, and stretching.

  • Lifestyle & Achieving Your Goals

    You'll get tips for improving your sleep and dealing with stress...and you'll learn how they effect your weight loss success.


Learn to manage your nutrition and exercise program for long term success. Take the course at your own pace. Make the changes to your lifestyle gradually.

Course Curriculum

    1. How To Navigate The Course

    2. Ivana's Welcome Message

    3. Measuring Your Progress

    4. Using MyFitnessPal

    1. Our Nutrition Philosophy

    2. The ON TRACK Nutrition Plan

    3. Choosing Between Method 1 & Method 2

    4. Method 1 - Setting Your Calorie Target

    5. Method 1 - Setting Your Macros

    6. Method 2 - Portion Sizes

    7. Method 2 - Serving Sizes (GRAPHIC)

    8. Method 2 - Calorie Density

    9. Method 2 - Staple Foods Vs Treat Foods

    10. Drinks

    11. Benefits Of Fibre

    12. The Importance Of Protein

    13. Carbs & Sugar

    14. Meal Frequency

    1. The Importance Of Strength Training

    2. Weight Training

    3. Resistance Training Basics

    4. Building Muscle

    5. Flexibility & Mobility

    6. Cardio & Physical Activity

    7. Abs & Core Training

    1. How To Use The Warm-Ups

    2. Dynamic Warm-Up LONG (9mins)

    3. Dynamic Warm-Up SHORT (4mins)

    4. Lower Body Warm-Up (3mins)

    5. Upper Body Warm-Up (3mins)

    6. Band Shoulder Warm-Up (1min)

    1. How To Use The Workout Program

    2. Workout Instructions

    3. Workout Plan Download

    1. Single Arm Shoulder Press

    2. Bulgarian Split Squats

    3. Lateral Raises

    4. Glute Bridges

    5. Push-Ups

    6. Single Leg Squat To Bench

    7. TVA Contraction

About this course

  • $195.00
  • 122 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Client Testimonials

about Ivana's approach

"I learned how to eat without giving up all the good things I like."

Greg Fage

"I lost 25lbs since I began following Ivana’s program; but what is even more important for me than the weight loss is that I have been learning a new and proper way to eat and appreciate foods. Contrary to many programs, this is not what I would call a “diet”; this is a way to re-learn how to eat without giving up all the good things that I like. It is also fun to share with the members of the community.

"It changes the way you think about nutrition and exercise"

Lara A.

"The great thing about this program is that it changes the way you think about nutrition and exercise allowing you to make lifestyle changes. If you are busy individual, need support but work well independently and are serious about making lifestyle changes, then this is the program for you!"

"Having a coach who sees through trends is critical to success"

Stephen B. Meister

“When it comes to fitness and nutrition (like many other life endeavours), what's best is often counterintuitive. Which is why having a coach who sees through trends (of which there are many in both fitness and nutrition) and has the courage of her convictions is critical to success. "

"Not struggling to maintain a 'diet'"

Mike Wojcikiewicz

"Turning 40 made me want to re-assess my lifestyle and how it impacts my health.  I came across Ivana's website. With her guidance and coaching, I was able to analyze my eating habits and exercise levels, realizing I had been doing both wrong for many years. Upping my protein intake and realizing that every little snack adds up to too many calories, it wasn't long before I got into a routine where I was exercising regularly and maintaining a calorie deficit. Six months later, with several vacations in-between, I am proud to say I've lost 30lbs and am well on my way to my ideal weight, while not struggling to maintain a "diet". 

"I was able to improve my habits"


"I found the program to be useful in slowly introducing changes and making adjustments more manageable. I was able to able to improve my habits, but also to make me more aware and mindful of the things I was eating, or how things such as stress affected my ability to follow the program. The workouts were easy to follow, especially with the picture guide for each exercise. The check-ins served as a good gauge on my progress. I found the check-ins with the Facebook Group kept me accountable."

"Workouts are clear and easy to follow"

James Brosnahan

"I think it's been great. Workouts are clear and easy to follow. Nutrition is always the big one. I like how the nutrition changes are gradual and aimed at educating smarter life choices rather than being on 'a diet' or a workout plan that usually aren't sustainable long term. "

Your Coach

Ivana Chapman

Ivana Chapman BSc BA CSCS is an online fitness & nutrition coach with over 20 years experience in the fitness industry. She is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and has certifications in sports nutrition and sports therapy. She is a mom, YouTuber, writer, published fitness model, 3rd Dan black belt in Shotokan Karate, former World Cup Karate Champion, one-time marathoner, and was a CBBF National level Natural Bikini competitor. Ivana loves weight training, chocolate, martial arts, downhill skiing, rollerblading, mountain biking, ice cream, travelling, and she has recently taken up longboarding. She loves trying new things, is a certified SCUBA diver, and once spent a few months surfing in Australia.


  • Can I buy the course now and start later?

    Yes! You can take advantage of the launch special and hold the course until you're ready to start. You'll have access to the course for as long as it exists. You can go back and use the materials for review and reference at any time. New workout programs will be added every 6 weeks, but you're welcome to continue on any workout program (or restart from the first program) you like.

  • How long will it take me to get through the course?

    That really depends on how much time you have. We normally recommend that you take an hour or two to go through some of the early videos and text. This course isn't just about learning, it's about IMPLEMENTATION. So the important thing is to start making changes to your nutrition/lifestyle as you learn about them. Try to start the workouts as early as possible as well (after watching/reading the intros to the workouts).

  • What are the workouts like?

    The workouts included a warm-up, some weight training, mobility exercises, and stretches. They're designed to get you strong and supple.

  • What equipment do I need?

    Many of the exercises can be done with bodyweight, but some dumbbells are needed. 3 sets of dumbbells are a good start and you may want to add more as you get stronger. If you're a beginner and not that strong right now, a set of 5s, 8s, and 10s may be enough. If you're stronger and have weight training experience, you'll likely need 10s, 12s, and 15s or 20s. Stronger people may need slighter heavier weights for certain exercises (dumbbell rows).

  • What type of nutrition plan is included?

    This is an evidence-based plan and there are two nutrition options: 1) Quantitative: tracking calories and macros 2) Qualitative: changing eating patterns Both methods are based on the scientific principle of CICO (calories in, calories out), however with Method 2 you don't actually count calories/macros. You simply focus on eating behaviours that allow you to naturally reduce your calories and adjust your macros for weight/fat loss. We do not discuss diets like Intermittent Fasting, Keto, veganism, paleo or vegetarianism. Although most of these diets can fit into the program by simply managing your calories and macros. This is actually how you lose weight with these diets anyway! While IF, paleo, and vegetarians will probably be able to follow the On Track nutrition plan, we do not recommend that anyone following Keto or Veganism do our nutrition plan, as they aren't compatible. If you're still unsure, please contact Ivana directly at

  • Can I do the workouts at home?

    Yes! The workouts are designed to be simple enough to do at home and only require a small space. They also don't include any jumping so are suitable for apartments/condos. You will need to have at least 3 sets of dumbbells to start.

  • What goals is this course good for?

    The program will help you lose weight, lose fat, and put on muscle. You'll feel stronger, get leaner, and be more flexible and mobile after going through the program for at least 6-8 weeks. It's not recommended as strictly a muscle-building program for advanced weightlifters or bodybuilders only focused on mass building.

  • What if I just want to "tone up"?

    Getting "toned" comes from building some muscle and losing body fat. Muscles do not actually "tone". They either get stronger or weaker. When you lose body fat (through the combination of the nutrition plan and workouts), your body will look more toned.

  • Can I do the course if I have an injury?

    That really depends on what type of injury you have and how serious it is. If you're working with a physical therapist, they should be able to give you substitutions/modifications for some of exercises given. Since this is a group program, the exercises (with some minor variations provided) are the same for everyone. We may be able to give you a single exercise substitution (just post in the Facebook group!), but if you think you'll require significant modifications then a group course like this may not be the ideal choice for you. If you're unsure, feel free to email Ivana directly at with your questions.

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